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Grameen Byabosa Bikash (GBB) is one of the sister organizations in the Grameen family of enterprises. The English meaning of this name is “Grameen Business Promotion and Services”. GBB is a social business and not-for-profit organization registered under the Companies Act – 1994 of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh Government. GBB started operation in 2001 with its registered office located at the Grameen Bank Complex at Mirpur area of Dhaka city.

GBB has a board consisting of 8 members. The Board is headed by nobel laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus. The other Board members are also renowned in their respective field. The Board sits at least every four months to assess the progress of the organization. Board members are providing their service without any remuneration and allowance.

Handicraft Heritage of Grameen Byabosa Bikash

There are many poor producers in the rural area of our country who dreams of expanding their business venture by reaching the right market with their products of handicrafts. Despite their great potentials, they cannot reach their dream due to unavailability of marketing support.GBB is helping them for production and sale their products.

GBB handicrafts is a fair trade program was established of creating jobs and employment for the poor marginal people, specialized in handicrafts production, using locally available environment friendly resources. Its activities operate for the purpose of improving socio-economic condition of the producers/artisans and their associated communities. GBB handicrafts provide training and education to improve producer’s skill on products and market. The activities of GBB handicrafts are operated as a sustainable self-financed program under the guideline of the GBB board. Presently GBB handicrafts work on various handicrafts products. Over the year many new item have been added to the product range with the purpose to help more handcrafted producers. A number of artisans and producers directly benefited from this sector by assisting in local and abroad marketing. Availability of resources and skill artisans are indirectly ensuring their contribution in the national economy. These disadvantaged people are the asset of Bangladesh handicrafts.

The main products are as follows: Handloom products, Leather products, Clay products, Straw Art products, Hand Made Paper products, Wooden products, Bamboo products, Recycled Materials products, Date-Leaf products, Palm-Leaf products, Hogla-Leaf products, Jute products, Recycled Glass products, Ceramic products, Cane products, Embroidery products, Palm Fiber products, Tin Sheet & Christmas Decoration products etc.

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